22 November, 2011

All the Parents Go Berserk

With apologies to Sandra Boynton.

One baby, lying prone.

Calls two babes to the porcelain throne.

Three babies puke on the floor,

Pass it to another four.

Five babies are looking peaked.

Six babies are acting wicked.

Seven babies pull an Exorcist

Eight babies…you get the gist.

Nine babies puke down our shirts.

All the Parents Go Berserk!!!!

All through the putrid night.

Babies ralph and hold us tight.

But at the breaking of the day

The barfing flu has gone away.

Nine babes are feeling well, while

Eight babies sit up a spell.

Seven babies manage rice with

Six babies smelling nice.

Five babies are free from harm and

Four babes sleep in parents’ arms.

Three babies’ heads are cool.

The last two babes are back at school.

One baby, healthy once more

Infected the other forty-four.